White Fillings & Sealants


White Fillings can be a great alternative to traditional metal fillings. Agape Dental offers White Fillings to improve your smile by restoring or changing the appearance of your tooth using a more aesthetic and stronger dental filling. White Fillings will involve the placement of composite inlayers depending on the assessment of the dentist. These layers can be shaped to make their appearance blend in with the tooth. They help hold the filled teeth together appearing to blend in with the color of your natural teeth. This differs from metal fillings which are visible and can be distracting.

Agape Dental can also provide Sealants for the extra protection needed by your teeth. The grooves of the pre-molars and molars are more often deep which makes them difficult to clean and more prone to cavities and other oral diseases. Sealants are plastic coatings that are placed usually on the grooves of the teeth to prevent tooth decay.

Thinking of getting White Fillings & Sealants? Set your appointment with our dentist here.

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