About Us


Agape Dental is a general, family and cosmetic dental practice that empowers patients, providing them with the time, attention and education to make the best choice for their dental health. Agape Dental is located at Rocklin, CA. The doctor is a Filipino dentist residing in Whitney Ranch, Rocklin, CA. Agape Dental focuses on “Phase Treatment,” a unique system that prioritizes care options recommended by their doctor, making sure patients feel empowered to make the right decision for their health care needs based on treatment priority and financial consideration.

We empower our patients

Agape Dental offers “Phase Treatment,” a unique system that prioritizes care options, making sure patients feel empowered to make the right decision for their dental care needs. As a dental professional, Dr. Mapanao will prioritize your treatment, making sure she will address the most important health issues right away. Agape Dental makes it easy to chose the treatment that will be most beneficial for you, ultimately leaving the decision of what to do with your health care in your hands. Patients receive knowledge and guidance, empowering them to make a decision that they feel comfortable with and that they can afford. “Phase Treatment” allows for a dental experience that is both rewarding for the patient and fulfilling for the doctor.

Extra time and attention

Dr. Mapanao values the relationship she has with her patients who have praised her for being kind, accommodating and making them feel comfortable. She will take the extra time needed to read through your medical history, learn more about you and educate you on your oral health. If you have concerns about your treatment or questions regarding payment options, our Financial/Treatment Coordinator will work with your financial/treatment options until you are confident in your decision to move forward and provided with a feasible plan.

Available when you need us

Agape Dental makes it easy to schedule an appointment when balancing work, life and family. Need an evening appointment or one on a Saturday? Our Front Coordinator will schedule your appointment where your availability suits you best. During after hours, emergency or just a quick question, you can call the office, leave a message and Dr. Mapanao will get back to you as soon as she can.

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