Teeth Cleaning and Whitening Zoom Whitening


Teeth Cleaning

Did you know that brushing your teeth regularly is not enough to prevent tooth decay? There are those areas in your teeth that cannot be cleaned by your brush. Bacteria builds up in the mouth and eventually form into plaque which is hardly removed from the teeth even with a good brush and floss. This is where professional teeth cleaning comes in.

Teeth Cleaning or Prophylaxis helps avoid cavities, accumulated tartar and gum diseases by scaling and polishing all areas of the teeth. Teeth cleaning is recommended to be done semi-annually.

Teeth Whitening

Feeling shy with your yellow teeth? Get your teeth whitened in Agape Dental today! Not only does a whiter set of teeth make you look good, it also boosts confidence and self-esteem. Most people are having problems with stained or teeth discoloration due to frequent smoking, aging, poor dental hygiene and even excessive fluoride. There are different ways to whiten your teeth and we will provide you with the best options suitable for your dental needs.


Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening is one of the teeth whitening options recommended for those who want a fast way to whiten the teeth. Being an instant teeth whitening system, this involves the use of a gel placed on the surface of the teeth and a special light that may be incorporated to help break the stains. Patients can see immediate results after one session of Zoom Whitening.

Not sure which teeth whitening option best suits you? Contact us today for more information about our Teeth Cleaning & Whitening Services.

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